• You have no equals in terms of explaining so much of what has been happening in America to me. And not just to me. This country is getting more confusing by the minute but you and all of your work is a flashlight. I don’t want to peer too deeply into the shadows of this society. I probably will though because you can tell stories that make sense. I 100% echo what masjid from Iran said. If anything thank you for helping the world understand America.

  • I can’t wait to see the new episodes! Call me a nerd who is way too interested in behind the scenes stuff but who are the three people above & below Dominique Fishback?

    Also, Jamie Neumann was great but I wish Ashley had stayed out of the life.

  • The Deuce blew my mind And after that, I finaly decided to watch The Wire. And Sir, That show was LIFE itself! Consider that I’m from Iran. But all your work is beyond borders. Thank you and all of the cast and crew for these life-changing experiences.

    • Great job with The Deuce! Mr. Simon and your team. Was looking forward to season 2! Just like all your previous projects; realistic characters, storylines and amazing portrayal of the era/environment. Big Fan since The Corner/The Wire. Hope the Avenue project gets financing!

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