• […] Quick Note: Many TV shows made in 4:3 have since been re-released in 16:9. The shows’ creators are often opposed to this, because it means reframing all the shots through a technique called pan and scan, which arguably compromises the artistic integrity. (David Simon who created The Wire and Joss Whedon who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer are just two examples of creators of publicly denounced when 16:9 versions of their shows were released. Whedon Tweeted: “Buffy was shot 4×3 cuz TVs were shaped that way. Widescreen Buffy is nonsense.” Simon wrote a fascinating blog post.)  […]

  • I can tell you about a stories that is going on now in Little Rock. My friend was arrested 3 times only to get the arresting officer on the stand and he finally testify that there were no laws broken no evidence and than the judge set a bond at 75,000. Yes he is still fighting it. His attorney from another county told him they are the worst county sheriffs in all of Arkansas to deal with. The prosecutor is still trying to bring it to trail. The people at the court house there are refusing to give up the transcripts of the hiring. I went in and asked for the transcripts and they said there was no way they will get to them. So I called Ronda at the FBI with the one lady in front of me and left a message we were coming there. It was our second time to go to the FBI filed office. We left the court house and stated for little rock and after we got on the freeway a Slain county sheriff pulled up behind us really fast. He did not have lights or sirens on. He then went to pass us and almost lost control of his car and crashed. He did get around us and stayed in front of us until we got to the exit in little rock to get off the road for the FBI at that point he speed up and pulled away he had to being doing a 100 with no lights or sinrets on. I thought the person in the car was going to try to kill us. I did not see if it was a he or she I do refer to everyone as he. There is a lot more that goes with it if you are interested I will send you the information. I will also ask if you can talk to his attory to confirm everything. It leaves me with the question how many people are in the system that should not be there. The tax money spent on just this case alone is high. The FBI just will say there is more going on but won’t say what but that is like the FBI. My friend is not perfect but to do this to him is unlivable he is a vet with PTSD and the police went to his house with 13 guns pulled what were they thinking.

  • So I was wondering who are the peolpe who did the digital remastering of this show? I speifically would like to know the name of the colorist who worked on this. I heard through the grapevine that for some reason the facility and the people involved have never been credited. I do know for a fact that the colorists listed on the end credits are not the ones who were involved in the HD version. I am amazed at how faithfully the grading is to the original. I think it would be nice to know who did this and thow they approched this job.

    • I have no clue as it didn’t happen in my shop. This was an HBO enterprise and I interjected only at a review stage, focusing on the shot composition. I got a general sense of the color and was, for the most part, pleased as you are pleased. But I had no interaction on that front and I didn’t participate in that part of the process.

      You should direct your inquiry to HBO. They will know the details.

  • Good afternoon Mr. Simon, I am a HUGE fan of the wire and not at ALL technologically savvy, so I was just grateful that the series was re-released. My question to you is will there be a season 6 and if so when? Thank you for your brilliant mind and vision!

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