• In May of ’06 I took my ten year old daughter to her first O’s game at Camden Yards and she was hooked as an O’s fan and as Ethan did we always yell “O’s” during the anthem and my wife can stand it. We have been to the Yard numerous times since then and celebrated her “sweet Sixteen” birthday this year at the Yard at her request. Now we are planning on making the trip again from North Carolina to the Yard to cheer the O’s on in the playoffs. Go O’s and thanks David for a great article in SI.

  • I grew up a few miles from Memorial Stadium. Saw the ’71 World Series with my grandfather, who was a huge Clemente fan and called his (5th inning?) home run. Attended many games during the magic run of ’79 thru ’83 as an awkward teenager with nothing else to do. I was fortunate to have so many iconic stars (the Robinsons) and fiercely mustached role players (Lowenstein, Roenicke, Grimsley, Dempsey) to cheer for. A whole generation (ages 5-19) has missed out on a rooting interest, and I feel especially good for them now. I hope there are still awkward kids gaining some solace and sense of community from this late-season pennant push.

  • I was three years old when my Dad took me, my older brother, and my grandfather to game 2129 of Cal’s streak. I remember the 9 covering the 8 on the warehouse. I was four when I took the Baltimore Sun with Jeffrey Maier reaching over the fence to show and tell at pre-school. I was five the last time the Orioles won this many games in a season. Today I got an email from the Orioles saying tomorrow I would have the opportunity to buy playoff tickets. I am finally getting the baseball season I never had as a child.

  • From Rob Neyer’s Tweet of the Night:

    if you ever see an oriole in your yard you should shoot it with a dart and cage it because it is magic

    — Jeff Sullivan (@LookoutLanding) September 20, 2012

  • I was at Camden Yards for the last postseason Orioles game (a loss to the Yankees, natch). Also the last game for Jon Miller as the team’s play-by-play man. Also the last game for Davey Johnson as manager. Not a great day.

    I had, then canceled, season tickets as the losing seasons piled on top of each other, year after year.

    I honestly had not expected the return of Orioles Magic under the tenure of he who shall not be named.

    But sometimes life does give you lemonade instead of lemons.


    Go O’s!

  • I lived in New Orleans for a few years and through a few summers. I didn’t realize how much I missed the rhythm of summer baseball until I lived in a city without an MLB team. I ended up buying the Orioles online media package in both ’04 and ’05, when streaming and wireless were in their infant stages. Had to have it though.

  • checked the score when my son got up at 2:30 last night, 2-2 bottom of the 15th. Went downstairs turned on MASN and watched the last 3 innings. Something magical about this season. The most enjoyable part is to see how much these guys enjoy playing with one another. They play loose & w/o a care in the world when they get out there. They’re having fun & so should all O’s fans.

  • My wife and I went to Camden Yards for our honeymoon 15 years ago. That was the evening Lou Pinella had the game cancelled because one of the lights was out. Thankfully, the next day Randy Johnson struck out 12 but lost, bringing a bit of joy to this expatriated Dodger fan. The O’s fans deserve a good run, it’s been a long while.

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