No man is a hero to his 17-year-old son

So I am vegetating on the sofa with my kid and a Domino’s Pizza ad comes on the tube. ┬áThe Domino guys offer up their analysis of the national crisis in cheese-bread quality:

“Undercheesing is rampant,” they declare.

My son repeats the phrase, mulls it for a second, then:

That should be the name of your blog.”


“Undercheesing is rampant.”





  • I love the title of your blog, and I love the fact that you care enough to do something about it.
    Personally I think things are so bad that it’s hardly worth the effort – but anyway.
    I liked this post because people seem to think the endless lies shoved in all of our faces, is just “normal” nothing to worry about etc. In fact advertising and marketing – originally named “propaganda” after WW1 – is, in fact, a very evil part of the world we live in.
    Bill Hicks got a little too New Age for my taste at times but christ, when I saw his take on marketing I felt like I wasn’t alone:

  • In the spirit of cheese, I’d like to comment that I have nothing to say.

    Except I do…about how your chosen blog name can be interpreted in different ways. Contrary to what I first thought it meant, I now think…Oh, duh! It’s like what an old friend who’s a Viet Nam vet describes as ‘hitting the fuck-it valve’.

  • OK this is totally unrealistic – any 17 year old has the tube hooked up to the wi-fi, so that you can watch TV without commercials.

    Unless you’re watching the playoffs. In which case, OK, maybe undercheesing is rampant.

  • A friend briefly managed a Domino’s. Apparently the manager training process is a bit like boot camp – they try to weed out the weaklings. He said that corporate was always on them for OVERcheesing, which cut into the bottom line almost as bad as workers who got high on the job and hoovered pizzas. His most coveted item? The auto-cheeser. It is shown in this video starting about 1:45 in:

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