• A fancy foodie asked me recently, because it’s Thanksgiving time, what my favorite American dish/food was.

    “I like a good bagel” I replied.

    And by good I mean warm, sturdy, with a golden crust and still light in the hand. Ready to be ripped apart, dipped in olive oil or hand sliced and slathered with cream cheese. Plain is best. Like good vanilla ice cream.

    I know the recipe came from Europe, and am thankful, grateful. But maybe the recipe and the art of the bagel that we now know and many think they know, was perfected in New York. Kossar’s was a favorite, where I used to watch the baking process, on the Lower East Side. Goldberg’s now has a pitch in Montauk and the fresh batch, for late sleepers, rolls out precisely at 11:00AM. They also do minis.

    I was christened a Presbyterian so I smile at above. My buds at college assumed I was one of the Tribe. And that was perfecto. We enjoyed, but did not have good bagels in Philadelphia. Just cream cheese. But we had Cheesesteaks and that’s a different discussion. But very worthy. And very American.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Just reading The Corner last night about all the old Jewish establishments in West Baltimore, what a shame. No assimilation there.

    Never know, assimilation could be a nod? If they had a Reuben, I would try it. On a lifelong quest for the best Reuben.

    Glad to hear the silence is due to diligent work elsewhere. “Hero” a success, a heartbreaker and the best “TV” out there, Bravo!

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