15 Apr


Links to the books and DVDs for a variety of my own projects, as well as those of our comrades-in-arms on various projects.  We also might have some film set bric-a-brac, swag, scripts and such offered occasionally for the purpose of raising a little more money for the charities with which we are associated.


Homicide, A Year on the Killing Streets (Indiebound Barnes & Noble)

The Corner (Indiebound, Barnes & Noble)



Homicide DVD

The Corner DVD

The Wire Complete Series DVD

The Wire Season 1 DVD

The Wire Season 2 DVD

The Wire Season 3 DVD

The Wire Season 4 DVD

The Wire Season 5 DVD

Generation Kill DVD

Treme Season 1 DVD

Treme Season 2 DVD


Blu Ray:

Generation Kill BluRay

Treme Season 1 BluRay

Treme Season 2 BluRay



Treme Season 1 Soundtrack

Treme Season 2 Soundtrack