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Green sheet: Terry McLarney rates the intern

20 Apr
April 20, 2008

Behold the wit and wisdom of Det. Terrence Patrick McLarney, philosopher-king and comic provocateur of the Baltimore Police Department:

Green sheets are the semi-annual performance evaluation forms undertaken for all officers by their direct supervisors.

Halfway through 1988, the year I spent as a police “intern” following one homicide shift, I walked into roll call to find a completed green sheet in my mail box.  My listed duties:  “In-house armchair quarterback.  Kibbitzer.”

It scans poorly so allow me to quote some of the best parts:

“…Intern Simon generally shows up to work though his schedule remains something of a mystery.  He is an avid reader and since he has no actual function or responsibility he has become quite adept at telling the rest of us what is going on around here.”

“Intern Simon never acts as O.I.C. as there are others more qualified.  He has been observed in the company of females on several occasions.  However, the relationship with these women is unclear and his true sexual orientation remains in doubt.”

“Intern Simon has been apprised relative to the department’s alcohol abuse program.”

My favorite year, without question.

Xmas Poem From The Sun Cop Reporters to Homicide, 1984

20 Apr
April 20, 2007

Bunk’s Retirement Ticket

20 Apr
April 20, 2007

Every now and then a drawer or a file cabinet yields some small treasure.   Reproduced here is my ticket to the retirement party of Oscar “The Bunk” Requer, a veteran of the Baltimore Police Department’s homicide unit who, yes, was the inspiration for the character that Wendell Pierce made his own over five seasons of The Wire.

And yes, Wendell went with me to the party.  Bunk squared, as it were.